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 There are two basic types of membership in BOMA/Suburban Chicago:


A Regular member is a commercial building or property represented by a designated individual. Each Regular member building is entitled to name one representative. Additional representatives can become Alternate members.

Office parks with contiguous properties under a single ownership may be considered as a single property for the purpose of membership. Additionally, corporate portfolios with no outside tenants may be considered as a single property.

When there is no building base, an individual who is an investor, developer, leasing/marketing representative, or other who earns a primary livelihood from associated disciplines located within the boundaries of the Association may become a Regular Member as a Real Estate Professional.

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Dues for 2023:

(Based on building size)

  • 150,000 sq. ft. or less - $1,410
  • 150,001 sq. ft. to 275,000 sq. ft. - $1,685
  • 275,001 sq. ft. or more - $1,845
  • Real Estate Professional - $1,845
  • Individual Industrial member - $430
  • Rockford Membership - $750
  • Alternate - $750


Associate members are firms that supply goods and/or services to office buildings or other commercial properties. Each Associate member firm is allowed to designate one person as its representative. An alternate may participate in the absence of the designated representative. Membership is limited by category and shall not exceed one Associate for each two Regular Members.

NOTE: At the present time there is a waiting list for Associate Members. We invite you to submit your application with a letter stating that you would like to be placed on the Waiting List. Please do not include a check at this time.

See the Vendor Directory for a list of member Associates.

Dues for 2023:

  • Associate Business - (New and Participating member)* - $2,150

    * Minimum participation requirements must be met to qualify for renewal.


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